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Print Works

Osthang Presse (artist edition)



The Osthang Project took place in Darmstadt, Germany, on the site of the Mathildenhöhe artist colony, built to promote the Jugendstil movement. For this artist edition of the project’s publication, the focus was on the design style.

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Chimera (Madame Charcot)

2 x inkjet prints on paper


This piece takes its starting point from an engraved coffer made by Mme Charcot, wife of the founder of modern neurology, Jean-Martin Charcot. Shown on the first exhibition of women’s art in France (1892), Mme Charcot’s object d’art was an ornately decorated shell encasing a dark interior, populated by fantastical hybrid creatures. This has been read as an illustration of Charcot’s study of female hysteria – a rational façade with an irrational interior. His theatrical clinical sessions, in which ‘celebrity hysterics’ like, Blanche Wittman and Genevieve Legrand, were observed by an audience of doctors, generated a great deal of sensational popular imagery, still in circulation today. With this setting in mind, Chimera (Mme Charcot) is a re-looking at the object produced by Charcot’s wife.